Movies and Real Life
July 9, 2010, 7:32 am
Filed under: Spiritual Self-Help

Have you ever watched a scary movie? What makes it scary? It is a movie.

What makes it scary is your perception of what is happening in the movie and how you then respond to what you perceive.

Naturally, one might be frightened by a scary movie. But it is just a movie.

What is the difference between a movie and real life? Some would say real life is real. A person can actually feel events that impact them.

This is true. Yet we still have a choice as to how we are going to respond. Some will say we do not have a choice.

When we are physically impacted our senses register a physical response to what we feel. And then there are emotional responses we can hardly keep from appearing.

This is where real life can be altered.

The first time a person hunting a wild animal comes face to face with the animal the hunter might react in a couple less desirable ways.

The hunter could be paralyzed and unable to move because of great fear.

The hunter might turn and run for their life.

But after some reflection and coaching the hunter may be more prepared for a second encounter. They have see the animal up close and in the wild. They have an experience to draw from.

In a second encounter the hunter may be able to respond in a more desirable manner.

Conditioning one’s body to block out physical pain or to disregard emotional signals is not unheard of. It is simply not widely practiced.

The human brain is able to override physical sensations to the point of negating pain. And with experience emotional signals can be identified and disregarded. But even without fully negating the pain or emotions a person can greatly overcome what arise in an ordinary state of mind.

Admittedly, it may be an extraordinary state of mind that can overcome a normal state of response to physical pain and emotions but it is not unnatural.

Determining if it is desirable to have such a state of mind is one thing and culturing one’s mind to that state is another thing all together.

But without the desire and the effort of culturing the mind one will remain in a state that is ruled by a less cultured state of mind.

Here the sensitivity to physical pain remains and the influence of emotions continue to direct perception and response to events, just like watching a movie.

Knowing this what will you do?



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