The Two Voices
March 22, 2011, 7:14 pm
Filed under: politics, Spiritual Self-Help

Consider the overview of this thesis as an offering and before coming to any conclusions explore the complete thesis that is the book, “Thinkers and Sinkers.” There are no religious requirements regarding the words used to describe the indescribable concept of our origin. Resisting new ideas can only create friction. Indulge the notions offered in the book to understand the greater paradigm that overarches our lives. Through this book you may well come to witness the illusive.

The affairs of this world are tangled and to smooth them out like never before we ought to change the debate from one of an “us versus them” to an “us versus ‘it’.”

Just like there is the thoughtful voice of the Divine guiding humanity, there is a thoughtless and confused voice that speaks to us. This thoughtless influence has gained control over many people and this is the “it” that humanity should be focusing on to right the conditions on earth.

We will begin by calling the confused voice the, “Sinker mentality” and the Divine voice the, “Thinker mentality.” This back-and-forth between the two is ancient. We can see these voices in almost every situation. The woes of this world are created by the Sinker trying to control others. The goal of the Sinker is to return humanity to a state of lacking awareness; of self; the Source of our creation; and of personal fulfillment. The main Sinker reasons for doing this are to deny reality and deny responsibility.

The destruction wrought by the Sinker mentality are global and interpersonal.

Here is a short, and by no means complete, list of results;

the welfare state in America (and elsewhere),
the state of education in America (and elsewhere),
abortion and all its many off-shoots,
human trafficking,
drug abuse,
domestic violence,
affirmative action,
reverse discrimination,
reverse racism,
income tax,
deficit spending,
class warfare,
management/labor relations,
man-made famine,
and the list goes on.

The confusion that reins in the mind of humankind is understandable yet it is also solvable using Thinker traits. Among these traits are; calm, introspection, reason, thoughtfulness, civility, and many others. Before these solutions can be wide spread we must discuss the Sinker mentality and study its manifestation.

The goal of humanity is happiness, expression, and accomplishment. This is why we were created. Overcoming the confusion of the Sinker mentality is the task at hand. And so we embark upon the conversation to expose the Sinker mentality, and its traits, for what they are; arrogant, corrosive, and destructive (among others).


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