How did we lose our way?

If you do not know the history of America you wouldn’t know why it is exceptional. That the power the government has comes from the people does not happen anywhere else on the planet. But that only has value if the people maintain a check on the abuse of that power. The American public put the greatest nation in the history of the world on autopilot and we’re just about to crash into the Grand Canyon. The only way we are going to really fix this is if every person owns their thoughts and actions. Let’s have the conversation. You can visit me at:,, and at What is at stake is your Freedom


Where does all this lead, you might ask.

Economically, Progressivism, Socialism and where those lead (Totalitarianism), all destroy individualism and Freedom. Any person who is unhappy with their circumstance because someone else has more has two choices for a remedy. First, the individual can take it upon themselves to build something to lift them our of their situation. That is build a career, build on their education, or build a following for a product or service they provide. The second choice is to tear something down with the hope of changing their situation. Tear down the individual how has built something, tear down their community by demanding support, or tear down the whole system that offers them the best opportunity to better their life condition.

Tearing down is offered as a glimmering promise by those who are naive or those who seek the destruction of the individual. The promise is that there are those who have “your share” of the riches in society. The hope to excite the lazy and the uninformed to support their efforts with the hope they will be rewarded with money, property, and love. None of these promises are ever fully delivered. The reason is these promises cannot be delivered upon. If a person has a large portion of their effort devalued, confiscated, or taxed away they will either find someway to produce without being notices, move to where their efforts are appreciated, or they will not produce because the effort is unrewarded.

Then of course people will decry those who inherit money, a little or a lot. Any person who would want to be taxed 50% on their inheritance is either irrational (believing the government can better spend their money), or dishonest in their saying so. Any person who believes Progressivism, Socialism and what it leads to have not committed enough thought to the prospects of this proposition. These forms of social control lead to the destruction of society, laying open a nation for subjugation to foreign influence.

The reason they do this is either they are ill-prepared for life or they are so out of personal control they seek to control others. A person who can control themselves does not seek to control others. They wish to control themselves and through their efforts benefit themselves and those, as they decide, around them. Learn to identity how those around you fit into this spectrum of capable and less-capable swimmers in the River of Life. Read: “

What is the cause and what is the goal.

The place to fix any shortcoming is at the level of the individual. Everyone from the age of 10 and up has to decide if they are going to be a Thinker or a Sinker. (Visit: for details.) The difference is between those who seek solutions, the Thinkers, and those who claim victim status so as to garner something for nothing. What the Sinkers neglect to observe is there are no free lunches. And once they begin down this road of something for nothing a growing debt accumulates with their name attached that can only be paid with their Freedom.

Everything the Progressives do (and you can include Socialist and Communist), is aimed primarily at dispiriting the population, reducing happiness. This is what the Sinker Mentality is oriented toward, causing death and dismay. As surely as gravity draws everything on earth toward the center of the earth the Sinker pulls everything down as well. The little hand-outs the Progressives, and the related ideologies, wrangle into the grasp of the unwitting is designed to enslave them to a life of diminished possibilities. Spiritually and physically, this is how they kill.

Read “Thinkers And Sinkers” to understand how this works so you can identify the Sinkers who are trying to reduce, and even eliminate, your life, liberty, and happiness. Learn how to defuse their efforts and how to inspire those near you to an uplifting and more fulfilling life. “Thinkers and Sinkers” will be published Fall of 2010. Preordering will be available soon. Stay tuned.

Is life meant to be slavery?
June 29, 2010, 7:02 pm
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What does personal sovereignty mean anyway? A lot of people don’t even consider those words. Well, if you don’t assert control over you own life someone else will. This is the exact goal of the Sinker Mentality. The goal is to turn and keep as many people enslaved as possible. To fully understand you have to read the book “Thinkers and Sinkers.” It’s evident in almost everything they do. To make dependent and then subservient. We have seen it throughout history. What is so surprising? We were evolved enough to throw off King George when we recognized “All men are created equal” and yes that does include women. Yet with that liberation we are called to take personal responsibility. There are no free lunches. Everything cost something. So the next time someone offers you something like health care, financial regulations, or security, know there is a price tag there somewhere.

We need to talk about who and what we are:

The book concept of “Thinkers and Sinkers”

Realizing what we are thinking is super important. What we believe and how we follow through on those beliefs shapes our world. There are two ways a person can go, “Up” and “Down.” Consider that to be true and then figure out what it means to you. What we believe comes from our perceptions. How we perceive informs how we think. So as we work our way out of our process we step back for greater clarity and see our thoughts are formed from our perceptions. How we form our perceptions is the next step in understanding our experience. That is what “Thinkers and Sinkers” is all about. First, the ground work is laid then the inner work is revealed. Concepts that do not match with the laws of nature fail. Yet outside the standards developed by society naturally explaining concepts push the boundaries of our understanding and expanses our potential. That is what “Thinkers and Sinkers” communicates.

Who is this person?

Hi, my name is Dave Moore. I’m a conceptualist and conversationalist. Exposing a person to their own reasoning is my challenge. Prompting people to think about how they think is my mission. To this end I have climbed from writing essays to the assembling of a self-revealing process with a dazzling closure designed to strip away the ultimate source of deception (self and otherwise). That is why I am here. Thank you for visiting with me. Dave