Illiteracy is About More Than Reading and Writing by Dave Moore

How can anyone promote illiteracy of any kind? This is exactly what is being done by the Sinkers of the world today. Being illiterate extends to many subjects beyond reading and writing. There is financial illiteracy. There is social illiteracy. There is political illiteracy and so on. Each person has a level to which they can rise where they will reveal their incompetence and therein their illiteracy. Expanding upon one’s education is a never ending journey. When one stops exploring and learning for any length of time the world moves beyond them giving the appearance of the individual actually falling behind. Keeping up with the times and the changing world is a lifetime pursuit. When we do not we remove ourselves from a world of curiosity and discovery – we disengage from humanity.

To this end, Pop Culture has been inserted to become the center of the pursuit of curiosity and discovery for humanity when in fact very little substance can be derived from these activities. Pop Culture is a contrivance of an elite designed to motivate the unaware, placate the useful, and manipulate the thoughtless. This behavior has nothing to do with the pursuits of humankind to explore the unknown, express the heartfelt, and engage introspection. Beyond the monetary gains from perpetrating Pop Culture upon the world the mind that drives Pop Culture asserts control over the unaware, useful, and thoughtless. The momentum gained by manipulating this herd bowls over marginal challenges to its goal. This must be ended if the world is to return to an uplifted state which includes; Peace, Freedom, and Fulfillment.

Knowing what motivates the mindset that seeks to destroy the greatest ideals the world has ever known will help alert those who unknowingly support this effort. Let’s start this conversation to call out the destructive urge to render the world hopeless, hapless, and dismayed.

Dave Moore is the author of, “Thinkers and Sinkers, Why Are They Trying To Kill You?” ISBN 9780615450407